Saturday, January 1, 2022

When the Prince of All Toads Asks for Help

A few weeks ago, my party returned to the Incandescent Grottoes, where in Room 32 they discovered the self-pronounced "Prince of All Toads in the Magical Forest" who promises riches in exchange for aid. They decided that this sounded more promising than continuing their run of bad luck in the Grottoes, so they agreed to help the the amphibian.

A less trustworthy amphibian

I determined that this toad was, as far as it was concerned, telling the truth, and I had it lead the party to a mini-dungeon where they could claim their treasure. I had been sitting on Dyson Logos' Goblin Gully for a while, dropping hints of a goblin hideout nearby, so I decided to use it for this little side quest.

Since we started this campaign with the Dolmenwood-based Winter's Daughter, I have styled all of my goblins like the whimsical goblin Griddlegrim in the Fairy tower at the end of that adventure. Using this variety of goblin changes the tone of the Gully quite a bit, as the goblins become less aggressive and more like annoying little tricksters.

So, I started modifying the Goblin Gully adventure to fit whimsical goblins, to add toads and magic mushrooms on the gully floor, and to tweak a few other things here and there. The end result was pretty fun.

This is just a riff on Dyson Logos' original adventure, but if your party ever decides to help the Prince of All Toads from the Incandescent Grottoes, or you just enjoy a more whimsical brand of goblin, take a peek at my modified Gully adventure below!

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